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Level 3

Run another install package with Support Files

Hi to all,

i'm trying to run a third part package (made with the old vb6 installer ) from my MSI install pack. I've add 3 files on Support Files->language Independent (SETUP.LST, setup.exe, mypack.CAB)

I've add a custom action Launch an Exe, path referencing a directory
Working directory = SUPPORTDIR
Filename and command line field = "[SUPPORTDIR]\setup.exe"

In-script execution = Commit execution
Install Exec Sequence = After Install Files

The installation of the third part pack doesn't run as expected.....why? No errors...

Thank you.
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Level 6

What if you place the custom action to UI Sequence?

If sub-installation works fine,the possible cause is Windows installer's limitation.

Execution sequence can launch only one msi file.
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Level 3

I've resolved with a bat file that launch the 2 packages (1 msi and 1 exe)

Thank you.
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