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Rollback when creating virtual directory in IIS by InstallShield

I created a setup using Install Shield Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2010. This setup rollsback when it tries to create a virtual directory in IIS. The log file shows the following error.

InstallShield 7:48:20: CommitChanges failed with the following HRESULT: '-2147024891'.
InstallShield 7:48:20: Error with IISRT: -2147024891
CustomAction ISIISInstall returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
Action ended 7:48:20: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.

Please let me know how this can be fixed.

Satyaprakash J
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The error 1603 is a generic error code that is displayed by the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) engine.

Kindly refer the following article which has more information related to the error message.

I have gone ahead and created a sample installer.

Kindly let me know if you are coming across the same error message while installing the sample installer.

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