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Retrieve Setup Language in InstallScript


I have an InstallShield (Basic MSI) project in which we offer a few setup languages.
I want to be able to record, in the registry, the setup language that the user had chosen when (s)he ran setup.exe the first time.
Just like I record INSTALLDIR in the application's registry parameters for it to be available to the application if need be.
I did not find a corresponding variable that I could use in IS and/or in InstallScript.

I do NOT want to get the OS locale with GetSystemInfo, this I know how to do.

For instance, if the user has selected French_Canadian language during Setup and was using an US-English based OS, I want "French-Canadian" to be recorded. Actually, I will need to translate French_Canadian to the language code that my customer's app is using (using InstallScript for instance)

Thanks in advance
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Re: Retrieve Setup Language in InstallScript

Use the SELECTED_LANGUAGE variable and compare it with the InstallScript Language IDs (e.g. ISLANG_ENGLISH). From there I'm sure you can get the language code also...
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You can use SELECTED_LANGUAGE and retrieve using Sprintf...............

Sprintf(SelectedLangID, "%d", SELECTED_LANGUAGE);

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