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Restarts when using Prerequisite Editor and .NET 4.7.2 PRQ

I am working with a pure Installscript project. I am trying to include a PRQ that installs .NET 4.7.2, that I created and modelled after the earlier .NET PRQs that Installshield provides.

I am finding that there is no ideal "behavior" setting for what to do when a reboot is indicated by the PRQ.

For .NET 4.7.2, it usually does not require a reboot on most OSes, however on Server 2016, it does. This is true even if you manually run its setup.exe directly in Windows. This disparity is important.

Most of the settings are useless. I found 2 candidates but neither works as needed.

- If I choose "Note it, fail to resume if the machine is rebooted, and reboot after the installation"

-- On Windows Server 2016 - it never reboots after main installation is over.

-- On other OSes - works fine as no reboot is needed

- If I choose "Prompt the user to reboot the machine even if nothing is detected, and resume on reboot"

-- On Windows Server 2016 - reboots and works correctly

-- On other OSes - reboots even though it is not required - very annoying.


I don't really understand why these reboot options are so wordy and full of things people would never want. I mean why would I want to reboot if NO REBOOT is indicated?? It makes no sense.

I think I'm back to installing these prereqs in code. But if anyone has any suggestions to get this right I'd love to hear them.



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Flexera Alumni

The setting for prerequisite reboot behavior “Note it, fail to resume if the machine is rebooted, and reboot after the installation” will only work for MSI based installations and not pure InstallScript, as it relies on a MSI property that is set.
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