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Rerun MSI offers MODIFY (it should not!)

Hello Again,

My MSI has ARPNOMODIFY property set, so that Modify correctly does not show as an option in ARP. However; if i install, then run the same MSI again (or right-click on it and press 'Install'), then i get a dialog which does offer MODIFY. I do not want it to, since choosing that brings up a dialog with nothing in it to select - everything is in one feature. You cannot modify my installation. I tried delving in the Registry and deleting ModifyPath value, to no avail. How can i stop modify option altogether??

Here's hoping...
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Level 3

ps I am using IS Express 2008. I have deduced bu using Orca I can delete various rows concerning _IsMaintenance but editing the MSI is not a viable solution for me...
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Level 16

ARPNOMODIFY only tells ARP to not display the modify button. It doesn't do anything to the Maintenance UI dialog chain experience.

Does IS Express let you modify dialogs? Probably not. Do you output an EXE or an MSI? If MSI, you could write a postbuild script to update the various ControlEvents to change the dialog flow around.
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Level 3

Did u try to bypass the Maintainance dialog ????

i think you ll not get this screen again that shold simly move to REMOVE dialog ..

Hope this is what u loookin for
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