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Level 7

Replace a file in a setup which is uncompressed


I have created a Basic MSI setup that its files are uncompressed
Now I would like to replace one of the .xml files in the setup.

Can I just replace the .xml file in the setup or I must rebuild the setup ?
Does InstallShield \ MSI get the size \ checksum values of all files if they are uncompressed and when when setup is being installed compare the values in it's DB with the actual files that were installed ?
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

The "correct" approach is probably either to create a transform that swaps out the file, or to refactor your setup such that the file is handled in some other way (perhaps as an auxiliary install, perhaps as a DuplicateFile and RemoveFile entry, perhaps something else). In general all files are either known by version (if they're an exe/dll/etc. file with a version block), or by file hash. Since XML files do not have PE version blocks, it will be hashed. I forget if mismatched hashes affect first-time installs, but they definitely have an impact on repairs, minor upgrades, and patching scenarios.
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