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Level 8

Repair issues -Please please help


Project Type: Installscript MSI
Issue: REPAIR is replacing 'edited' files(eg:- .config files)
+ My installer is replacing some edited files when REPAIR is performed... we can debug script, but i dont know how to debug this type of issues... is it is a bug? or is there any settings required? or atleast tell me, do u faced similar issues?

+ I searched in the forums, all the Maintenance issues is having thousands of views but less than 5 replaies with no solutions....

+ Even MODIFY also not uninstalling when a feature is unselected and MODIFY's feature tree is not showing correct status....

Please give me some suggestions......
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Level 10

My first suggestion would be to create a log file using /lv* in the command line when you run the MSI. Check the log to see if it gives you any indication why the files are being rewritten.
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Level 8


Thanks for your replay....

I will generate the log file and check....
BTW... I observed that setup.ilg is not updating in maintenance, do u know what will be the problem?
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