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Level 7

Removing existing permissions on a folder

I was required to give all users (Everyone) full access permissions to the INSTALLDIR for our product. This I did and the product was released. There was then a change of mind and for the next version of the product I was asked to remove those permissions, which again I did.

Works as intended for a fresh install. Problem is if the customer installs the old version and then upgrades, the permissions set by the old version remain in play. How can I remove the permissions already in existence on a folder?

Thanks in advance.
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Level 4

I think your best bet is a major upgrade by changing the product code in the main view of your project.
This will perform an uninstall and new install.

maybe read also this topic:
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Level 13

And if you can't do as Georg1 suggested... do it with a custom action using ICACLS.
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