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Remove missing files from an installation


We recently migrated from Wise Installation Studio. Wise had a function called "Remove Missing Files" which detected files that were removed from the source directories and allowed the user to remove their components.

Using Installshield (Pro) I have so far only been able to do this manually for files that were not linked dynamically, by checking for missing keypaths and then deleting their associated components. This is quite cumbersome. Does Installshield have some kind of "Remove/detect missing files" that I am not aware of?

Grateful for any advice on this matter!

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Level 6

It's still a manual process, and maybe you are already doing it when you say you are doing it manually, but it's helps if you go to the "Files and Folders" view under "Application Data". In the "Destination Computer's Files" listview, missing files show with a size of "0" and the "Modified" column will say "***File Not Found***" rather than having a Date/Time. They can also be deleted in this view. It's not a lot, but it helps some.

I think it would be a nice enhancement to have a tool in InstallShield that would assist with missing components as you described in Wise install.
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