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Registry Key not installing with .MSI

I'm creating a reg Key as a marker for SCCM and it doesn't always install when tested.



I'm adding a Key called "Company Software" and in that Key I'm, adding the String Value"2013 X Software" and data "X software Version Y" for each package

This way we can search in the company software key and see what software/packages the computer has installed via the company.

Sometimes it's workes perfectly, sometimes it creates the key but not the string value, and sometimes (especially with Adobe Acrobat) nothing changes in the registry.

My biggest problem right now is Adobe Acrobat, I have one .mst is running before the .msi but I can't see why an .mst would be blocking my registry key if that is the case.

Any and all comments are welcome.
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Level 8

What does the log file show on failed machines? It may be better to add your company data in its own key i.e. HKLM\Software\CompanyName that way you are assured no other application will write there.
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