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The Prequisites page lists 67 prerequistes that are apparently required by my Visual Basic program which I have designed in Visual Studio 2010.

Is there any way I can reliably sort these out into must haves/don't needs? Can someone give me a guide as to how to find out what I need? I want to be able to install my product onto computers running XP, Vista and Windows 7

22 of these Prerequisites are .net framework foreign language packs which I don't think I need as my product is to be used in Australia.
I know I need the Microsoft Report Viewer
I think I need the Microsoft .net framework 4.0 client and not the full version

I don't know if I need the various Wndows Installer Redistributables?
There are 12 Visual C++ merge modules I don't think I need?
Then there are quite a few other Redistributables listed?

I am a home user. If I was to buy the lowest cost upgrade, would this answer my question? If so, what version?

PS I have just downloaded the latest upgrade to the .net framework as recommended by this forum, thank you.
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Many of our customers have the same concern regarding the prerequisites.
The way they address this is by testing their installations thoroughly on several machines that closely match the desired target machines. You may start by building a setup that includes all recommended prerequisites, ensure it installs/uninstalls successfully. If the process of installation/uninstallation completes successfully then begin stripping prerequisites out until you arrive at the smallest possible setup that installs reliably on all desired target platforms.

You may also review the Microsoft documentation on each prerequisite to verify if it’s required for your specific use case on MSDN.

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