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Redirect output of custom action


I have 3154 custom action which calls a tool from our setup. I want to redirect the output of this tool to file and set the command line to:

[\>][\"][INSTALLDIR]DVCTool\dvctool.log[\"] 2[\>]&1

I read that I have to escape the > and ". But that does not work. The pops up as a command line windows and I can see the output. But the file does not get written.

I already tested without escapes and also without quotation marks. But nothing works. How can get this simple problem solved?

Bye Sven
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

The notation > output is typically processed by the command shell; the way Windows Installer invokes custom actions does not understand this notation. If you need this to work, you will need to invoke the command shell using a command line like cmd.exe /c ..., or equivalent.
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