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Readme.txt replaced by merge module MSDE 2000


I work with InstallShield 2010.

I used the option "Replace merge modules With files Whenever possible" when converting my snapshot (IRP) in project (ISM).
But if a readme.txt is detected in the snapshot, the merge module "MSDE 2000 SQL Server Core Files" is then checked in my project.

In this case (quite simple), it's quick to change my project.

But more generally: is it recommended to use this option to replace files by merge module?
This option was efficient with the dll files and systems; sorting and searching merge module will become laborious if it is no longer usable.

Any comment is welcome

Thank you
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Level 2

I just make a test with the last version Installshield 2011 in evaluation mode.
With the same manipulation,
- snapshot (irp) with a file readme.txt
- Repackaged Output\Advanced Settings\Replace files with merge modules whenever possible
- conversion in project (ism)

The project is good:
- no merge modules selected
- file readme.txt in file table

This problem have been corrected in Installshield 2011...

I'm using Adminstudio 9.5 SP3, anyone knows if there's a newer patch for the version 2010 ?
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