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Level 5

Reading from XML and populating into Combo box.


Iam using installshield 2009 BasicMSI projects.I have an xml with the following structure.

I need the combo box to be populated by the value like reading from the xml.


Could some one tell me the steps so that i can achieve using the scripts scripts.
How can i use doAction in combo box property to populate the same.
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Level 7

There is a way to pupulate the combo box with the values from your XML files. The following article will show you how to access the database at run time:
basically you need to create a VBscript to read the attribute values of your elements into an array and then put each item into the ComboBox table.
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Level 5

Hi Folks,
Please let me know there is any sample installscript code to read the value from the above XML and populate the combo box.
Please let me know the step by step process as iam totally new to installShield Packaging.
How to map the Combo Box to pick up the values from the list that is created using the installscript.
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