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Reactivation of IS 2011

I have Installshield 2011 and I have to maintain some software in isolated environment, and need to build a new installation package once or twice a year.

Now the reactivation is needed every time and it pisses me off.  Because the computer is isolated from the internet and email, I need to copy the data to another computer to get response. Made it an hour ago - no response. Imagine if I had a customer waiting for the package, how would I explain that sorry, we have to wait if Flexera will allow me to use the software I have legally bought.

Why does flexera tease existing customers with this nuisance?

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Here's a rude surprise...

Important: InstallShield Activation Service Discontinued

We are informing you that the InstallShield Activation Service will be discontinued and no longer available starting July 1, 2022. The InstallShield Activation Service is used to support the reactivation logic required to continue using InstallShield versions 2013 or older.

Once the Activation Service has been discontinued, affected versions of InstallShield will not be able to reactivate their licenses and will become inoperable. Until then you may continue to use InstallShield 2013 or older. As always, we hope you are successful with our products!

We are sure you understand that technology changes rapidly. And while Revenera does a lot to support customers on end-of-life versions, as time passes and more customers move to modern versions of InstallShield, you may experience more changes in the future by choosing to stay on versions of InstallShield 2013 and older.

To avoid being impacted by these changes and ensure uninterrupted use of InstallShield, we advise users of InstallShield 2013 or older to upgrade to the latest version.

For assistance with upgrading to the latest version of InstallShield, please reach out to Revenera Sales.

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