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Radio button to support choosing either MSOLEDBSQL & MSOLEDBSQL19

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to support the following:

Before the SQLLogin dialog, there will be a dialog with a radio button group allowing you to select either:

- MSOLEDBSQL version 18

- MSOLEDBSQL version 19

Based on this selection, it will either use the MSOLEDBSQL.dll or the MSOLEDBSQL19.dll. This is because, if you configure your project to support the MSOLEDBSQL driver, if MSOLEDBSQL19 is installed, you get the 'Error 27502. Could not connect to Microsoft SQL Server ...', and the same if you configure your project to use MSOLEDBSQL19 , if  MSOLEDBSQL is installed, you get the error also. 

MSOLEDBSQL.dll drops as part of 2019 and 2022, but it would be nice to be able to support MSOLEDBSQL19 if required at the time of running the installer. Essentially it would be nice to support MSOLEDBSQL.dll for these versions where it is dropped by SQL, however, for earlier versions of SQL (2012-2017), to support either MSOLEDBSQL.dll or MSOLEDBSQL19.dll depending on which one they have installed

Is it possible to to have 2 entries in the ISSQLDBNetaData table which can be chosen based on a radio button selection for example?

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