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REINSTALL property set for chained MSI for unknown reason


I am trying to simplify an install problem we have with chained MSI:s. When testing the setup I am getting the REINSTALL flag set by ISChainPackagePrepare for one of the packages and I don't understand why.

The chained MSI is installed on my test PC. Then I try to install the "main" MSI containing three different chained MSI:s, where the already installed one is one of them. I was expecting  see ISChainPackagePrepare log something like...

"Skipping chained package Pkg2 installation because it is already installed, and the chained msi version is empty."

... but instead  is sets the MSI up for chained installation with the following properties (CHAINED is my own property):


What am I missing here, under what circumstances does this happen??


(I'm attaching a screenshot of the ISChainPackage table, plus the installer log.)


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