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-R Not Recording Everything

I have an InstallShield 12 Setup.EXE from a Vendor that i am trying to create a silent installation of. I have ran the .EXE with a -r to record the ISS file However there are a number of dialogue boxes that arent getting recorded and so the /s then fails.

Is there anyway of either decompiling the INX file to get the property names for the ISS or to log the /S properly to get an idea of the names of the dialogue boxes i need to pass into!

Tried a number of decompile scripts for INX but that was for earlier versions of InstallShield.

Anybody any Ideas?

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Flexera Alumni

I'm not aware of an official way to decompile .inx files; is it the sort of thing you can ask the setup author? Perhaps they have a KB article or some other resource?
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Level 2

No unfortunately they are being less than helpful....!

Is there any other way to get the valid entries for the Dialogue Boxes!
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