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QuickPatch project problem

I have a problem with a quickpatch project.
I'm using InstallShield 2012 spring SP1.
I have this scenario:
I have made first version of my software package with number version 1.00
I have made second version of my software package with version number 1.10 (minor update); this minor update adds files that don't exist in version 1.0.
Then I have created a patch only for second version of my software package.
This patch has been created with a quickpatch project starting from 1.1 version of my software; the patch version number is 1.11
I supposed that the patch could be applied only when version 1.10 of my software is installed;
I thought that a control is made in order to prevent patch installation when version 1.00 is present.
Instead I have seen that my customers can install the patch also on version 1.00 (and this is a problem because some files are missing in version 1.00; they exists only in version 1.10)
The missing control of correct version of target setup is a quickpatch bug?

Any suggestion ?

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Level 5

Go to Patch design --> Select patch configuration --> Expand the previous setups --> Click previous setup
Click on Advanced tab
Under the transform filter settings set
Version Relationship => Previous setup version = latest setup version
Version to check => Check Major and Minor version
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Level 4

Thanks for your answer.

Your suggestion is correct if I use InstallShield IDE in Patch Design View.

Have I a similar option in a QuickPatch Project ?

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