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Question re ProgramFilesFolder

I am new to Installshield and am trialling Installshield 2009.

I have a corporate customer who has a very strict Standard Operating Environment and won't allow any changes to the 'ProgramFilesFolder':mad:

I am trying to deliver an excel spreadsheet application along with a word template and help file that resides in a created folder called 'ROI' under 'Userprofile'


Installshield automatically creates a folder under 'ProgramFilesFolder' in the default name of my company and under that a folder with a default of 'MyProductName'[INSTALLDIR]

Is it possible to delete this part of the process such that only the ROI folder and its contents are installed under 'Userprofile'?

Would appreciate any assistance - please be aware I'm not tech savvy!

If I can solve this there will be an Installshield sale:D I have to deliver my application to 200 users.


Peter T in Oz
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Flexera MichaelU

Re: Question re ProgramFilesFolder

Have you tried changing INSTALLDIR in the General Information view under Product Properties?
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Thanks Michael

Thanks for your speedy reply. Have now got ot working.

Much appreciated & terrific support


Peter T
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