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Question on SQL SERVER 2008 R2 SP2 Pre-Req Quiet Install

Hi All,

After reading several blogs, MSDN articles, and posts here on the community forums, I am asking for help with doing a quiet install of Sql Server 2008 R2 (with SP2) as one of the pre-reqs of my application. Here is what I have done so far:

1. added the pre req to the install project, making sure that all of the necessary pre reqs for Sql Server 2008R2 are added.
2. set the pre req install order to make sure the necessary pre reqs for Sql Server are installed first.
3. opened up the Sql Server pre req in the editor to set the command parms.


****************Additional information**************************
Just to add to my original post, I have also tried the following parms for the silent install, but I am STILL getting the same result.



Now, the pre req is recognized during the install and the Sql install is unpacked, but then the UI is displayed to the user. This is what I need to avoid!

So What exactly am I missing or doing wrong here? I appreciate any and all responses to this!

Thanks in advance,
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Try /Q instead of /QS

QUIET Setup will not display any user interface.
QUIETSIMPLE Setup will display progress only, without any user interaction.
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I did just that and at first it still brought up the UI.

Then I realized that I was putting the arguments into the box marked for the quiet install only. Once I put the arguments into the top box for the launching of the exe file, this worked. Thank you for that part of the answer.

However, I have a second issue now and I may need to make this a separate question, but will appreciate any and all insight into this one.

The SQL install did install and I verified that I could connect as I wanted to, but my main install file that I have the Sql install as a pre-req shows the sql install as having failed when it actually didn't. Any ideas on how I overcome that one? (I'm still searching Bing and Google as well)


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So thanks to this answer on one of the threads here on the community forum, along with the answer below, I was finally able to do everything I wanted to with my install.

Thanks for all the help!!

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