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Level 4

Properties populated in OnFirstUIBefore are not available OnInstallFilesActionAfter

I have an installscript where I am populating values of IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER, IS_SQLSERVER_DATABASE from the SQL dialog SQLServerSelectLogin2.

When I read the properties right afterwards, they reflect the values I entered in the SQL dialog.

However, when I try to read them at a different stage, like MoveData\OnInstallFilesActionAfter, or AfterMoveData\OnFirstUIAfter, the properties are blank.

What do I need to do to retain them throughout the installation?

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Level 7

I have run into a similar issue myself. The solution we're using is to create a global STRING variable to save the information so that it is available during the "AfterMoveData" sections. This is for InstallScript Only, but it may work for both 'InstallScript Only' and 'InstallScript MSI'. I don't know what project type you are using.

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