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Level 7

Prompted to insert Disk1 when updating from a CD

I have a basic MSI project with three releases: a CD, a web release, and an uncompressed web release (which I use as a reference for patching). For the CD release, I compressed all the files so they fit onto the CD which they do (~350 MB). Everything works great until I try installing from the CD onto a computer that has the program already installed. The installer tells me it will perform an upgrade of the previous version, which I would expect, and then suddenly I'm prompted to insert Disk 1. If I copy the files from the CD to my hard drive and rerun, I am not prompted to insert a CD and the upgrade works fine.

Does anyone know why I'm getting prompted to insert Disk 1 when I clearly have plenty of space on the CD?

Thank you!

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Level 8

You need to write a value for MEDIAPACKAGEPATH in registry.

Please refer to the below post:
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