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Project Assistant Installation Interview Panel

I am using InstallShield 2011 and following the tutorial instructions for InstallScript Project . I am on this step:

Selecting Dialogs with the Installation Interview
InstallShield 2011 » InstallScript Project Tutorial

The Installation Interview page lets you specify the dialogs that you want the end user to see when your installation runs. Based on your answers to the questions on this page, the Project Assistant adds the corresponding dialog function to your installation script. Script changes related to dialogs are covered in Step 6 of the tutorial.

I do not see the Installation Interview page in Project Assistant. I see it mentioned on the home page of Project Assistant, but I do not see it on the bottom bar as an option I can pick. I have gone to Installation Designer/Behavior and Logic/Install Script and added the default scripts for OnFirstUIBefore and OnFirstUIAFter, as well as OnMaintUIBefore and OnMaintUIAfter, as was suggested in another thread, but still Project Assistant does not show the Installation Interview page.
How do I make the Installation Interview page visible in Project Assistant?
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Level 17

Are you sure that you are using an InstallScript project? It sounds like you are using an InstallScript MSI project; this project type does not have an Installation Interview page in the Project Assistant.

The title bar of InstallShield identifies the type of project.
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Level 2

Yes, I'm using InstallScriptMSI project. I'll go back to the beginning and start again.
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