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Progress indicator behaviour


We made an InstallScript install which installs to 2 locations.
Both paths are set with the FeatureSetTarget method to the correct location before the FeatureMoveData call is issued.

The installation copies all data correctly, but the progress indicator behaviour is not correct.

It does indicates all data transfer for the first target (TARGETDIR) correctly, the progressindicator stops at about 50%. (About right, seeing the amount of data for those locations)
Then the progress indicator jumps to 100% and starts to move the data to the other location.

Does anyone has any idea what other things could impact the status updates to the progress indicator?

Kind Regards,
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Level 6

Try adding the 'OnMoveData' event to your script and run your install throught the debugger.

In my case, all sorts of schenanigans occured at the 'CreateInstallationInfo()' call. In Vista, it went away for upwards of 15 seconds, in XP around 2-3 seconds.

I use SdShowMsg to indicate to the user that something is occuring. Without it, it looks like the install goes off into the ether.

Give it a try.
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