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Level 3

Program Updates for 2008 display updates previously installed!


I have "InstallShield 2008 Professional Edition Version 14 with Licensing Hotfix".
When I launch "Program Updates" it tells me I have 4 updates to install. When I select one, it downloads and installs fine, but when I relaunch Program Updates (after a restart) it still shows all 4 updates!
I have tried with each one of the 4 and they will not dissapear!

The 4 that remain are:
InstallScript Object Templates
InstallShield .NET Objects
InstallScript Objects
InstallScript Legacy Objects

Anyone know what's going on???


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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

The issue has been fixed on our end so you should no longer see messages for those setups that you have already installed. Thanks for pointing this out.
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