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Product Code GUID problem

Hello colleagues,
here is the problem and as silly as it looks, it is a sobering reality.

We shipped early version of our product to a few customers, sort of pilot project, looking for qualified opinion and professional comments.
Now application is defacto in a field.

Product is in a final development stage, and - !! - Product Code GUID was changed, now:

product code in a field: {346679CC-0C8F-448F-80F9-CA40481E55FC}
product code in a field: {159F7015-FA66-46FC-AE33-1F6A4AB683FF}
product code in a field: {0BAA8DAA-DAA5-4BCA-AA2D-A89CAE5A2C38}

current product code: {8AD307DA-F8AF-4D94-8950-93BB9A01BF8A}

As you see, there are 3 - three - different product codes released (big mistake), which makes manual return to previous product code impossible;
Are there any possible workarounds so different GUID is ignored and proper upgrade for existing product is used..?
At this moment installer treats new GUID as different product and installs it in parallel with early version.
Management wants to avoid asking customers to manually uninstall pre-released product versions.

Folks, your help is highly appreciated,

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Did the upgrade codes also change for the products in the field?

You should be able to set major upgrade items for each of them in your current project so that whichever one is there will be uninstalled automatically.
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