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Problems changing [DATABASEDIR] in custom action.

I am using InstallShield Express 2010 on Windows 7.

In my project the default for [DATABASEDIR] is
c:\Program Files\Company\Product\DatabaseDir

I have a custom action that changes [DATABASEDIR] property based on a registry entry if it exists. I have tried running the custom action at various steps.

I also have the Change DATABASEDIR dialog enabled in the project.

The dialog shows the correct (modified) location for [DATABASEDIR]
However unless I explicitly change the location IN THE DIALOG BOX the files
that are installed in [DATABASEDIR] always go the project default location. :mad:

Clearly I need to cause some uddate action to occur after the [DATABASEDIR] property is changed for files to get installed in the correct location. :confused:

Any ideas ?
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Level 3

Doesn't look like this issue was resolved on the forum. Did you find a solution or a workaround?
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