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Problem with removing all files during uninstalling application.


I have problem with installator which doesn't uninstall all files in some cases. I will try to explain my situation.

Every year I maked a release of the application so I change Product Code and Upgrade Code on each year in my Install Shield project. (This is normal MSI project). In completly celan machine when I install my application and than remove it everything is good (all files are removed).
Because I produce every year new release so I can install the same application in defferent versions on my computer (application installs files in destination which depends on application version). If I make such situation and try to uninstall for example the latest version sometimes a lot of files are not removed. I don't know what is the reason of that. Maybe I have to change component code in every component on each release of application? (but this is quite tricky because I have really great number of components, so it will be difficult to change every component code manualy).

Can you help me with that?

Thanks in advance.
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You want to do what it's known as a Major Upgrade.

You mencioned that you changed Product Code and Upgrade Code, but you must follow this rule:

1. New MSI = New Build = New Package Code (don't forget to generate it, if you copy/paste and change the MSI.

2. New Product Code

3. SAME Upgrade Code! (If not, how Windows installer knows whats the old version?) This is the link between diferent versions.

If you change Upgrade Code, then you must specifically choose it in InstallShield Upgrade Path, but it's easier to maintain it unchanged.

4. Increment version ( can be changed to - don't forget that last four digits are ingored by Windows Installer but can be used in InstallShield)

Forgive my poor english and hope this help you. Good Luck
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