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Level 3

Problem with Features and Components


I'm still new to InstallShield and use InstallShield 2012 (SP1) Professionell.

Creating my first setup I ran into a problem with conditional installation of selected features. I have several features where each of them is installing different windows services, e. g. feature A installs service A and service B, feature B installs service C and service D and so on. All these features are combined in a parent feature called services.

Well the problem is when I choose any subfeature e. g. feature B the service A from feature A is installed as well. This causes a problem when setup tries to start this service because it depends on Service B which ist not installed due to not having the corresponding feature selected. Anyway the point is that I wouldn't expect any service to be installed without having the corresponding feature selected which usually works fine with the exception of this one service.

I've already checked the features in setup design and the table 'FeatureComponents' in the direct editor but I couldn't find any problem all services are associated with the correct feature. In addtion I recreated the component resulting in the same problem.

So any advices would be appreciated

Thanks in advance
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Level 9

Seems like you have a Feature/component design issue. From what it seems to me your seeking to do is something like:


If you Check FeatureB to be installed, and have FeatureA unchecked in the Features dialog - you should only get Service C and Service D installed.
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Level 3

Hi enanrum,

that's exactly the point. I would expect the behaviour you described. Nevertheless when I select FeatureA to be installed setup installs Component C as well. I think there has to be some assotiation with ComponentC to some other feature which might be the FeatureServices I guess
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