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Preserving DWORD registry values through an upgrade

Our product writes a number of entries to the registry as DWORD values.

I want to be able to preserve those through an upgrade.  

I've configured System Search to locate each these values (e.g. MyRegValueName) by name and store their data in a in a property (MYDATAPROP).

I've then configured a component to install these values on condition of an upgrade.  The registry for this component is configured such that in a key under HKCU a DWORD value for "MyRegValueName" will be configured with the data stored in [MYDATAPROP].

The problem is that "MYDATAPROP" stores integer "1" as string value "#1" and writes it to the registry as "#1", not "1".  This means our product doesn't recognize it and cannot use it.

What am I missing?  I have failed to find a satisfactory answer in the forums.  Any help much appreciated.

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