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Prerequisite on Redistributable Not Detecting Key

I am currently making a package that has Matlab Runtime as the prerequisite.

My prerequisite has a condition that checks if key exists (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MathWorks\MATLAB Runtime\9.3) and prompts user to install if the specified key does not exist.

However, when I run the setup.exe, it still prompts me to install the MATLAB Runtime even though I have installed it and have the key listed in my Registry Editor.

Here is the output of the debuglog:

11-20-2019[03:32:32 PM]: Running setup prerequisites ()...
11-20-2019[03:32:32 PM]: Checking setup prerequisite 'MATLAB Runtime 2017b (9.3) registry v1.prq'
11-20-2019[03:32:32 PM]: Prerequisite 'MATLAB Runtime 2017b (9.3) registry v1.prq' scheduled before feature selection
11-20-2019[03:32:32 PM]: Extracting 'MATLAB Runtime 2017b (9.3) registry v1.prq' to C:\Users\pyrena\AppData\Local\Temp\{DBCAE4F2-507B-4B34-9275-A61186958BC8}\MATLAB Runtime 2017b (9.3) registry v1.prq
11-20-2019[03:32:32 PM]: PrereqEngine: condition,1,2,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MathWorks\MATLAB Runtime\9.3,,, -- Successful
11-20-2019[03:32:32 PM]: PrereqEngine: file,BDA59DE8E21EEC4C5AB6191FBDA73D9F,.\MCR_R2017b_win64_installer\MCR_R2017b_win64_installer.exe,,,, -- Successful,
11-20-2019[03:32:32 PM]: PrereqEngine: execute,MCR_R2017b_win64_installer.exe,,,,, -- Successful
11-20-2019[03:32:32 PM]: PrereqEngine: Id,{1D758791-D0D6-485D-A90D-C0471C253A95},, -- Successful
11-20-2019[03:32:34 PM]: Prerequisites returning 2


How to make Installshield detect the prerequisite properly?

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Hi Pyrena,

Check where is prereq looking for MATLAB Runtime-Keys.

Is it the win64 or win32 part of registry hive ?

Find out where MATLAB Runtime put the registry key ( 32 or 64)?


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