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Prerequisite condition


I have two Basic MSI projects, (installerA and installerB) one of them (installerA) set as prerequisite of the second (installerB).
I am trying to run installerA if it hasn't been installed or older version exist. Below are my prerequisite settings.

Type of condition: A registry entry has a specified version value
Specify the registry key name to check: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MyCompany\InstallerCache\{GUID}
Specify the registry value name to check: ProductVersion
Specify the registry value data to check: 1.5.0
Run this prerequisite if: Data on target system is less than specified data
Registry Location: Default

The prerequisite requires administrative privileges: Check
If, after installing the prerequisite, the conditions still indicate it is required
Abort the setup

installerA installs fine for me but after clicking finish in installerA and returning to prerequisite screen I get error

I think because it checks prerequisite again after installing installerA as described in settings above, but I am not sure why it fails I can see that that registry entry is created with value 1.5.0

What condition should I use if I would like to invoke prerequisite if it doesn't exist or older version is installed?

Thank you for your time reading this.
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Level 4

I changed registry location from Default to 64-bit (my Basic MSI is x64 bit) this seems to solve the issue.
Thank you.
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