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Prerequisite Install Conditions - Find product by UpgradeCode


I'm currently creating some prerequisites but am stuck on the install conditions.
I know I can configure registry, file,... conditions but am missing something like MsiEnumRelatedProducts to find registry entries (versions) via the UpgradeCode.

Is there no such feature? I have some components that don't store any version info at a centralized place in registry or so.

BR, Stefan

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Level 6

Just an idea, not sure if it's feasible:

Make this a feature based prerequisite.

Use appSearch (or even the Upgrade table with "" in the Remove column) to search for your other product.

Use the result as a condition for the feature to which you attached your prerequisite.

Stefan Krueger /
Level 3

Hi Stefan,

I know both appSearch and Upgrade table. That could be a valid solution.

But I didn't pick that one because I thought I couldn't launch a second Windows Installer from the first one. Will give it a try though...


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More precisely, you can't run another Windows Installer setup from the Execute sequence. Feature prerequisites are launched at the end of the UI sequence.

Stefan Krueger /

Then it should work perfectly fine!

Just to make sure:
I could create a new feature, use that only for the feature prerequisite and have that feature's install condition bound to the result of appSearch or Upgrade Table.

From the prerequisite itself I then remove the install conditions!?


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You still need the condition that checks whether the prerequisite is already installed or needs to be installed. This is also used to verify the sucessful installation of the prerequisite.

Please note that I haven't tried this, it's just an idea, something you could try.

Stefan Krueger /
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You also need to consider the silent install scenario because the UI sequence is skipped in this case.

Stefan Krueger /
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Good hint.
With that I cannot use the feature prerequisite. I got some use cases for a silent installation. I need to find another install condition then (e.g. date of a file) and stick with a normal prerequisite.

InstallShield should support a detection by UpgradeCode for the prerequisites though...

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... or ProductCode

You may want to submit a feature request.

Stefan Krueger /