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Level 4

Predefined Variable - Incorrect Syntax CommonFilesFolder


I've think I've tried every combination of syntax to get to a Pre-defined variable path and can't seem to find it, Im creating a basic MSI Project and have an install script within it, I'm attempting to use the CommonFilesFolder;

szDriversPath = [COMMONFILESFOLDER]"Test\\driver000";

So far I've tried loads of combinations and failed with a "[ is missing error", could someone help me get the right syntax for this please?

I've tried;

szDriversPath = "Test\\driver000";
szDriversPath = [CommonFilesFolder]"Test\\driver000";
szDriversPath = ^ "Test\\driver000";
szDriversPath = @ ^ "Test\\driver000";

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

You can either use the Windows Installer Property by declaring szCommonFiles and calling MsiGetProperty(hInstall, "CommonFilesFolder", szCommonFiles, MAX_PATH), or use the InstallScript path variable COMMONFILES. Once you have that, you can concatenate it with your path using the caret operator: szCommonFiles ^ "Test\\driver000" or COMMONFILES ^ "Test\\driver000"
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Level 2

Try this:

szDriversPath = []"Test\\driver000";
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