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Pre-requisites not triggering AT ALL in plain vanilla InstallScript project

I have an InstallShield 2018 Pro project that was converted recently from InstallShield 2016 Pro.

I have a business requirement to ensure .NET 4.7.2 is installed regardless of whether any other components that  install require them or not.  (Other items to be put into place by other means later will require it.  Those other means are NOT an option for getting .NET 4.7.2 onto the machine.)

I am testing on a separate server that only has .NET up to 4.5.1.   Not only is my installer failing to install 4.7.2, it is not installing ANY prerequisites.   (I have tried several different prerequisites that I know are not on the target machine.  None of them have worked.)

Normally, the installer is built as a standalone executable.  I have tried running the executable with the logging flags; that didn't work.
I have also tried copying the entire "Disk-n" directory structure to the target machine and running
setup.exe /debuglog"C:\mysetup.log" /v"ISDEBUGLOG=prereq.log"

It does not create either log!

I spent in excess of two days of my holiday last week RTFM-ing and testing and trying different possibilities.   I am completely at a loss.  I have people waiting for the latest "cut" of this installer, and I am apparently out-of-the-loop as far as being able to submit trouble tickets to Flexera.



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