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Path Variable overrides when Path Variables are used within other Path Variables

I just ran into a problem where InstallSheild could not find files using the command-line parameter -L for Path Variable overrides.

The problem only happens when there is indirection from one path variable to the overriden one.

Path Variable: "ParentPath" initialized to c:\developerSystemPath
Path Variable: "SomeOtherPath" initialized to \SomeOther

Component Dynamic File Path: \test

Run the command line: ISCmdBld.exe -p my.ism -L ParentPath=d:\buildSystemPath

ISDEV : error -6102: Error searching for dynamic files matching "c:\developerSystemPath\SomeOtherPath\test\*.*"
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Sorry but I have no answer to your question 😞

I just have same kind of issue and I had to remove all indirection .

Is that issue have been fixed in IS 2011 (Flexera actually communicates on this standalone build topic, so may be some improvement or bug fixing ....) ?

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I've just run up against this. For years, I've gotten away with mapping the root of a particular branch to, let's say, Z:. Then everything in a given IS project is pulled from folders under Z:

However, we're now moving to CI and I've been piling multiple builds onto a single system. No way that each build can map their root to Z:. Try as I might, I cannot solve this in IS2008. If I have the following paths:


and turn them into

and set SRCROOT to Z... If I change SRCROOT in the UI, the rest change immediately. If I pass in -l SRCROOT=c:\buildroot\ at the command line, everything else remains nested under Z:. Except of course for SRCROOT, which changes to c:\buildroot\

Ridiculous! There must be some way to solve this. My IS projects pull from way too many disparate folders to try to pass in path substitution for each and every single one.
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I'm having the same issue. Is there any fix on the horizon?? I have 15 paths. I don't want to have to pass all of them in.
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