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Level 5

Patches and unselected features


I would like to verify this behavior for WI patches (minor update):

This part is well documented:

When a patch is installed using reinstall=all, only feature that were selected for installation will be updated

But for this part I could not find any documentation:

If a patch includes an update to feature A, But feature A was not selceted at the time the patch was installed, in order to update A we need to:
1. run MODIFY to add feature A.
2. Run the patch installation AGAIN in order to apply the patch update for A.

This is something I had always "known" - but would really appreciate some reference that proves it - or proves the opposite.
Thanks a lot,
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Level 3

How could I change the image of the first dialog "Prepare install" before welcome to the Patch dialog? I am using IS 2013 Professional Edition version.
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