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Level 7

Patch problem: new feature added

(Installshield 2008 Basic-MSI)

I'm trying to build a patch between versions V1 and V2 of a setup.
Setup V2 has a new feature added.

Building the patch configuration, I obtain the following error:
ISDEV : error Val0012: The added feature must have the 'Follow Parent' and 'Required' attributes set in order to install in an upgrade scenario.

What is the 'Follow Parent' attribute of a feature?

According to the documentation it is possible to perform a Minor Upgrade if a Feature has been added, but the feature tree hasn't been reordered.

Any hint would be great, H.
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Flexera Alumni

"Follow Parent" is one of the possible values of a feature's Remote Installation setting; the online help has more details...
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Level 7

Thank you for this hint. It helped.
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Level 10

That means, it´s not possible to provide a Minor Upgrade (as full installation or patch) that contains a new custom Sub Feature which is set to Not Required and Visible, correct?
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