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Level 3

Parameters not understood

Below is a snippet from the documented CREATEFULE example

#define EXAMPLE_DIR "C:\\"
#define EXAMPLE_FILE "ISExampl.txt"
// Include Ifx.h for built-in InstallScript function prototypes.
#include "Ifx.h"
export prototype ExFn_CreateFile(HWND);
function ExFn_CreateFile(hMSI)
STRING szTitle, szMsg;
NUMBER nvFileHandle

In the line export prototype ExFn_CreateFile(HWND);, what is HWND

In the line function ExFn_CreateFile(hMSI), What is hMSI

I can't find the explanation in the documentation and can't write my own function without understanding the paramters. All the functions I have looked at have similar parameters in the examples.

Thanks for any help.

Melvyn Polatchek
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Level 7


Handle to a window. The HWND variable type also can be used to store any other type of handle valid in Windows. HWND variables are normally initialized using the CmdGetHwndDlg or GetWindowHandle functions. Internally, HWND variables are equivalent to the data type NUMBER.

By extension, I would guess hMSI is a handle to your MSI file. I don't have much experience with that though.

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