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PDF file created when doing web builds


I am building a web release and with the build it is creating an empty PDF File. It also creates a setup.exe, which is fine. When I open this PDF the message displayed is in the image attached.
I do not know how and why this PDF is created, and I don't want it.. Any ideas anyone?
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Solved the problem, I had selected the option to Generate Package Definition File in the release wizard. I unselected it, and when I built my release, the file wasn't created.

... Now I wonder why the option "Generate Package Definition File" produces a PDF file with no data, or even more importantly what the idea behind this option is...
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Flexera Alumni

I think it's a Package Definition File, used by older versions of SMS. (Perhaps open the file with Notepad?)
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Thanks Robert. I get the following when opened the file in notepad. Info about the product, this ends my curiosity as to what the file contains.

Version = 2.0

[Package Definition]
Name = ABC
Version = 1.00.0000
Publisher = ABC Ltd
Language = English
Programs = Setup
MifFileName = ABC.mif
MifName = ABC
MifVersion = 1.00.0000
MifPublisher = ABC Ltd

Name = Automated Minimum Installation
CommandLine = msiexec /m "ABC.mif" /qn /I "ABC.msi"
SupportedClients = Win 9x, Win NT (i386)
UserInputRequired = False
RemoveProgram = True
UnInstallKey = {469FD444-00CD-46F0-B166-CA19082A876F}
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