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%P or [ProductName] does not work in custom dialog

This is for InstallScript, not MSI...

I have searched all over, and it's driving me mad.  I have a custom dialog with custom text fields, like:
"Choose where to install files for %P"
"Install %P application to:"
"Install %P properties and logs to:"
"Install %P data to:"

The problem is %P does not resolve to the product name in the custom dialog.  It just displays %P.  I've also tried [ProductName], and it just displays [ProductName]. I  have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

I changed the Control IDs for the text fields to 700, 701, 702, 703, 704.

My custom dialog is named Ask3DestPaths.  I have Ask3DestPaths.rul, with a Ask3DestPathsDialog() function, and DGL_INIT as:
case DLG_INIT:
// Initialize the back, next, and cancel button enable/disable
// states for this dialog and replace %P, %VS, %VI with
// IFX_INSTALLED_DISPLAY_VERSION, respectively, on control IDs 700-724 and 202.
hwndDlg = CmdGetHwndDlg("Ask3DestPathsDialog");
SdGeneralInit("Ask3DestPathsDialog", hwndDlg, 0, "");

In setup.rul, I have:
#include "Ask3DestPathsDialog.rul"

SdProductName("My App");  // This does not work
nResult = Ask3DestPathsDialog();
if (nResult = BUTTON_BACK) goto Dlg_SetupType2;

I tried calling SdProductName("My  App") in different places, in Ask3DestPathsDialog.rul, and in Setup.rul.  It doesn't work, and I'd still just want %P to simply resolve to the Product Name "My App" that is set in General Information.

Does anyone know the answer to this? 

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