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Open App Launches Different Install

I have a strange problem. After installing my application, when I launch my SQL Server client (which was already installed), it invokes the installation for my application! My application works just fine.

What could cause a problem where trying to run one applications invokes the installer for a completely different, unrelated application?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciared!

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Level 17

Assuming your installation is a Basic MSI installation, it sounds like Windows Installer is trying to repair your product (or maybe a redistributable that is installed with your product). The Event Viewer may have some clues about what is going on. It logs events where Windows Installer (logged as the MsiInstaller source) is trying to reinstall or repair something. That would help in troubleshooting the issue.
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Flexera Alumni

To expand on Debbie's comment, this InstallTalk blog post and its comments discuss what's going on:
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Level 4

Thank you Debbie and Robert!

This is BASIC MSI (I should have mentioned that), so the information you've provide looks like it will help.
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