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Only few chm files get deleted when applying patch

I have shipped some .chm help files in main installation. I am patching the main installation and would like to remove few of the help files to be removed during patching.

I have populated RemoveFile table with component names , keys , File names etc.

When I apply patch I find that out of 10 only 6 file get removed during patching and 4 remain on the disk.

In installation log I find that for those files which remain on disk I get message :

To be installed; Won't patch; No existing file
MSI (s) (7C:20) [20:25:43:565]: Source for file 'catalogs.chm' is compressed
InstallFiles: File: Catalogs.chm, Directory: C:\Program Files\MyApp\Help\

Can't figure out why only few of the files get removed and not all.

Thanks is advance for solution

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Re: Only few chm files get deleted when applying patch

Hi Check if the files in the main installation they are marked as permanent.
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