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Level 6

OnUninstall event no longer working in 2010

We have here an InstallScript MSI project from InstallShield 12 with a significant amount of scripting in the OnUninstalled event.
I have upgraded this project to InstallShield 2010 and made no other changes to the project. The OnUninstalled event is no longer triggered in the InstallShield 2010 version.
Now i've also noticed that this event used to be under the "Miscellaneous"-section together with the OnAbort but it has now moved to a new "Advanced"-section.

Does this mean there are additional steps required for the OnUninstall to function or has this become a deprecated event in the InstallShield version I "skipped'?
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

The OnUninstall event is only called when -uninst is passed on the command line to setup.exe. There was a small behavior change made in IS 2009 that allowed OnUninstall to be called (when passing -uninst) even if the setup being launched was not installed (previously, -uninst would only cause OnUninstall to run if the setup was installed).

One other thing to note is OnUninstall is not called for InstallScript MSI projects using the MSI 4.5 embedded UI support.
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Level 3

I'm also using an InstallScript MSI project. The OnUninstall event is called when using the shortcuts I make but it just doesn't get called in the Add/Remove Programs method. What is the workaround for this?

Also how do check if you are using the MSI 4.5 embedded UI support?
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