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Old project file

Hello everybody,

I hope someone here can help us with a problem...

We are in the process of taking over technical application management for an application that includes an installshield project for deployment.

The installshield project, as far as we know, was created using Installshield 2008 Express.
Since we can´t get to a licenced version of installshield 2008, we wanted to know if we could convert the file to a more recent version so we downloaded a trial version of Installshield 2011 in order to see if the project file could be read and converted by the current version.

The trial however, does not know the type of file we´re feeding it.

The project file is an xxx.ipr file and googling that extension, "installshield professional" fills the screen.

So now we are kind of lost about what to do...

What kind of file is it that we have? Is it indeed an installshield 2008 express project file ?

What can we do in order to get a working deployment project again?

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

The .ipr extension was from InstallShield Professional 7 or so. Its capabilities are now exposed as the InstallScript project type available in the Professional or Premier editions (not the Express editions) of InstallShield 20xx. You can definitely migrate and open these files with the Professional or higher editions, however since there is such a wide jump, you may have some clean up work to do. (Ideally you would check the migration notes for each release between the last version you used and the version you are migrating to.)
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