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Level 2

Offline Activation

I followed the steps but it only offers the offline activation. I dont know what the response text should be filled out.

Thanks for you rhelp in advanced
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

If online activation fails, you will be prompted to to perform an offline activation process.

Go ahead and click to proceed with offline activation button. The Offline Activation dialog opens. The
request text box contains your request text. The request text starts with ends with .

Save the request text to a text file and then email this file as an attachment to:

Continue through any remaining dialogs until InstallShield exits

After you send the above email, the activation system will send you an email that contains the response file needed to complete the activation process.

Re-launch InstallShield and you should be prompted to load the response file sent from the automated system.

Load your response file and complete any remaining activation dialogs to complete the activation process.
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