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Not sure if I'm going about this correctly...

I have a basic MSI package that I am trying to prepare for deployment. We currently have two products that perform similar functions, and deploy based on user role. One of the products (App A) is core; it goes to everyone. The other (App B) is not.

In the past, I have created a Setup that looks to see if App B is installed. If it is, the Setup quits without installing App A. Likewise, if someone receives App A, and then needs to begin using App B, the Setup for App B looks for the presence of App A and uninstalls before installing itself.

Now that everything is as clear as mud, I'm hoping to accomplish at least the first part of this right through the MSI. My thought initially was to create a custom action in App A's MSI to look for the presence of App B. If it sees it, it sets the INSTALLLEVEL for the whole project to 0, effectively installing nothing. Is this feasible, or is there a better way to make the MSI quit without an error? Or should I stick with a Setup.exe for this kind of action? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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Level 9

You can also consider to abort the installation in your custom action as per your condition.
Abort is an InstallScript function which can be called in a custom action.
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Basic MSI has a standard custom action (type 19) that will display a message and abort; you wouldn't need to use InstallScript to accomplish that.
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