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Level 4

Not PATCH condition not working


Specifying a 'Not PATCH' condition on a component does not work. The component is executed/installed even when the user is running a patch. I have also tried 'NOT PATCH' and even this does not work.

Specifying a condition of '0' also does not work.

I specifically want some components to not install when a patch is run as it screws up some registry entries. Is there some other condition to prevent execution during patch?

Looking forward to a response...

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Level 10

maybe the log would have a clue...check that PATCH is being set at the start of the install, and then look at the InstallValidate action in the log. On the line related to your component, Request should be false if the condition evaluates to false... it's not much but it's all i've got for ya for now...
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Level 4

Thanks Kelter.. Will check that..
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