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No record file is written running setup.exe -r

I have an basic msi install package and do not get any setup.iss file if I start setup.exe -r (or /r).
What is missing?
I also tried setup.exe -r -f1"c:\temp\mysetup.iss", but it wasn't written.

I thought there should be at least recorded entries of the standard dialogs.

The installation dialog sequence contains some standard dialog and a custom dialog.
What is needed to record the user input of this dialog?
Some years ago I implented silent and record in an installscript installation package.
Do I have to write custom actions?

Any good help is very appreciated!
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Flexera Alumni

Not your fault: please see the help topic "Setup.exe and Update.exe Command-Line Parameters", which mentions that this kind of response file is generated only for InstallScript and InstallScript MSI installers.

(For Basic MSI installers, users can pass MSI properties through setup.exe to the MSI database (setup.exe /v"USERNAME=Me INSTALLDIR=C:\InstallProductHere"), but Windows Installer doesn't have a built-in response recording mechanism. AdminStudio has a response-transform recording tool, but that's not part of Windows Installer.)
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